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Marinade injector 60 ml - barbecue syringe / meat syringe Marinade injector 60 ml - barbecue syringe /...
Taking the next step in making delicious dishes? Give meat extra flavour and tenderness by using this marinade injector. The syringe keeps the meat juicy during barbecuing and smoking by injecting marinades or other liquids into the...
Meat claw 'Pulled pork' - 2 pieces - barbecue meat claws / cutting aid Meat claw 'Pulled pork' - 2 pieces - barbecue...
These meat claws are indispensable when working with large pieces of meat. The claws are ideal for making pulled pork, because with the claws you can easily pull a large piece of cooked meat apart and thus make tender pieces of meat. In...

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