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15573-1.jpg Anti-scratch felt 3 pieces 9x20cm
Three pieces of rectangular scratch felt to attach to your furniture, to protect your floor from scratches. Simply cut to size and it is suitable for all your furniture. Each felt has a self-adhesive adhesive layer, making it easy to...
15221-1.jpg Bicycle pump including accessories
A soft or flat tire? Pump it up quickly with this bike pump. Easy to use and easy to carry. The bike pump comes with various accessories.
15223-1.jpg Bicycle tools 15-piece set - compact bicycle...
Need a repair on your bike? Just do it yourself. With this multitool you have all the tools at hand at once. Tighten, adjust or loosen it with this handy, 15-piece bicycle repair kit. At home, but also on the road. A compact,...
43171-1.jpg Bicycle wheel lighting / bicycle lighting frame...
Safety and happiness in one? This bicycle wheel light illuminates your bicycle and therefore its visibility for other road users. Safe and stylish. Easy to attach to your bicycle wheel and fasten with the supplied tie-rips. This prevents...
14614-1.jpg Front and rear light - bicycle light LED
Safety is paramount. Especially in traffic. With these LED bicycle lights visibility on the bicycle is increased. A set consisting of a front and a rear light in a rainproof silicone cover. Always well lit on your bike with these...

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