Free-standing inflatable punch bag

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Want to improve coordination and fitness? With this freestanding NordFalk punching bag you can... more
Product information "Free-standing inflatable punch bag"

Want to improve coordination and fitness? With this freestanding NordFalk punching bag you can do your work-out wherever and whenever you want. Inflate the standing punching bag with the supplied foot pump, weight the bottom with water or sand and place wherever you want.
The punching bag is made of high quality PVC material and can be used completely freestanding. Suitable for training and exercising anywhere in the house. And is the weather nice? Then place the punching bag in the garden and train in the open air.
And after use, deflate the punching bag and store it in a compact way.

Unique product advantages;

- Completely free-standing; no hanging or wall fixing required.
- Made of strong PVC material.
- Easy to inflate with supplied foot pump.
- Base can be weighted down with water or sand (15 litres).
- Can be used indoors and outdoors.
- Can be stored compactly after use.

Unique product features;

- Brand; NordFalk.
- Height (in use); 160cm.
- Diameter punching ball; Ø30cm.
- Diameter foot; Ø60cm.
- Material: PVC.
- Colour: red and black.
- Comes with foot pump.
- Base can be weighted down with 15 litres of water or sand.
- Dimensions in packaging; 11.2 x 20 x 22.5 cm (LxWxH).

Environmentally friendly packaging;

This NordFalk product is shipped in environmentally friendly packaging. This means that the packaging is also suitable and used as a shipping box.
This way we reduce the ecological footprint of the product. Why is this packaging better for the environment?

- We save over 80% in packaging materials.
- We ship our products more sustainably and efficiently (read: less air in the box).
- We do not bleach our shipping boxes.

We use the costs we save responsibly. For each product sold, a tree is planted and CO2 emissions are compensated. We work together with Eden Reforestation Projects for this

Color: Black, Red
Verpakking: Doos (karton)
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