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42273-1.jpg Food dryer 5-layer 350W - electric oven /...
Conservation and preparation. This food dryer dries all kinds of foods, making them last longer, preserving nutrients and incorporating them into the tastiest recipes. A food dryer is a conscious choice for a healthier and more...
42268-1.jpg Nonna pizza stone Ø30.5 with stainless steel...
Can you smell it yet? A delicious, homemade pizza from the oven or from your barbecue. With this high-quality Nonna pizza stone you can create your own stone oven. Place the pizza on the stone and place the pizza with stone in your oven...
42270-1.jpg Tofu press 3-layer - compact presser - 15x17x10 cm
Tofu is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to eating meat and fish. Good for the environment, your surroundings and especially for yourself. With this stylish tofu press you will be helped to prepare the tofu even better. Real...

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