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Balpennen 12 stuks Balpennen 12 stuks
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Compass set 7-piece drawing tools Compass set 7-piece drawing tools
Precise drawing is, of course, done with the right drawing tool. A compass is therefore indispensable on every desk, every case and in every school bag. This extensive compass set provides you with a compass, extra pencils, a ruler, a...
Counterfeit money detector UV lamp - counterfeit money tester / scanner / detector Counterfeit money detector UV lamp -...
Real or false money? With the naked eye, the differences are often indistinguishable. Avoid a lot of problems and costs by checking your bills for authenticity. With this counterfeit money detector you can check the 'hidden' marks and...
Desk accessories 4 pieces - stapler - staple pliers - staples - perforator Desk accessories 4 pieces - stapler - staple...
Do you want to perforate quickly, staple papers together or subtly remove a staple? With this set you have everything you need for your desk in one go. A complete set of desk accessories consisting of a perforator, stapler, staple...
Drawstrings colored 120 pieces Drawstrings colored 120 pieces
An extensive box of thumbtacks in various colours. With this box you can easily hang something up, but you can also remove it in no time at all. Suitable for use in various materials such as fabric and wood. Contents: Number; 120 pieces....
Duracell AA 12-Pack Duracell AA 12-Pack
Fineliner 4 pieces Fineliner 4 pieces
The fine tip of these fineliners makes them suitable for writing as well as sketching and drawing. Indispensable when it comes to writing neatly and drawing delicate lines. The 4-piece set consists of one black and one red fineliner and...
Geodynamic triangle Geodynamic triangle
This unbreakable flexible geodesic triangle is ideal for geometry, drawing and more. The geodesic triangle is a combination of a ruler and a protractor and is made of transparent plastic. This makes it suitable for drawing straight lines...
Glue stick 40 grams, 2 pieces Glue stick 40 grams, 2 pieces
Glueing paper or photos? These 40-gram glue sticks/pens are suitable for all this and more. Very handy to have at your disposal at home or in the office.
Highlighters 3 pieces Highlighters 3 pieces
Always looking for a highlight? With these markers you can turn every piece of text into a 'highlight'. Marking, shading and highlighting are done with a highlighter. Make text stand out and shine in yellow, pink and orange. Contents: 1x...
Memo sticks 75x125mm. 100 sheets Memo sticks 75x125mm. 100 sheets
With these 100 self-adhesive memos (sticky notes) you can easily leave a message and/or ensure a good organisation of your notes. The large size of 75 x 125 mm ensures that these self-adhesive memos are extremely suitable for an...
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