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58601-1.jpg - Automatic hosereel 30mtr Ø 12mm hose -...
Hyundai 30m 1/2"" Automatic Wall Mounted Hose Reel - Automatic Wall Mounted Hose Reel with 30mtr Ø 12mm hose - Automatic grip and retraction system - 180° rotatable - Easy to hang up - Operating / Max. pressure; 8/24bar
11182-1.jpg GS slangklemmen 10 stuks
Simply attach a hose to a tap, for example. With this hose clamp set, this is very easy. You do not need a screwdriver or spanner, as there is a wing nut on it so you can easily tighten it by hand. It is a set of 10 pieces, 5 x 14-27 mm...
58753-1.jpg Hyundai connector 4 pcs. set
Hyundai 4pc Connector set - 13/15mm Hose Extender - 13/15mm Connector - 13/15mm Connector with lock switch - 21/26.5mm (G1/2""- G3/4"") Tap Connection
77471-1.jpg Profeco wall hose box 15m x 12mm - Wall reel -...
This Profeco wall hose box, also called wall reel or garden hose reel, makes watering flowers and plants just a little bit easier. Watering your garden? With this semi-automatic Profeco garden hose box, it is very easy. The wall box is...

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