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42299-1.jpg Hand gel 500ml with 70% alcohol - hygienic hand...
Clean, cleaner, cleanest. With this handle you disinfect your hands quickly and effectively. A large vial with 500ml of handgel, 70% alcohol, which cleans and disinfects your hands. It kills bacteria and viruses and prevents the...
44142-C-1.jpg Heat pillow yellow/black - microwave pillow -...
A warm pillow with a trendy design. The cushion is easy to heat in the microwave and has a size of 42 x 13 x 2 cm. Muscle problems or is it just cold. This pillow will solve this problem.
43890-1.jpg Parcura acupressure mat with pillow 67x40 cm -...
Neck and back pain? This Parcura acupressure mat helps your muscles to relax. A high quality massage mat with 8500 integrated pressure points provides relaxation to the back and neck muscles, allowing the body to rest. Very suitable...
42289-1.jpg Parcura nek hangmat met oogmasker

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