Bosch wiper 340UC - ECO

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Streaks on the windscreen and poor visibility during precipitation can cause unsafe situations... more
Product information "Bosch wiper 340UC - ECO"

Streaks on the windscreen and poor visibility during precipitation can cause unsafe situations on the road. The timely replacement of windscreen wipers is therefore one of the most important issues when it comes to safe driving. The Eco 340 UC windscreen wiper from Bosch is an excellent choice for this purpose. With its long service life and high efficiency when wiping the window, this product is ideal for your windscreen, even at high speeds.

The windscreen wiper is 340 mm long and is easy to mount on any type of car. The quiet character of the Eco 340 UC also ensures a pleasant driving experience and allows the driver to concentrate fully on the road.

Product specifications:

Number: 1
Size: 340 mm/13.5"
Suitable for:

Car make/type Year of manufacture Driver's side Rider's side

Matiz [KL1K, M200] 02.05-12.10 550UC Yes
Spark [M300] 12.09 > 575UC Yes

Matiz [KLYA] 04.98 > 575UC Yes

Terios [J1] 03.97-12.05 500UC Yes

Idea [350] 01.06-03.08 575UC Yes
Sedici [189...] 05.06 > 650UC Yes

Ka II [08] 09.08-10.10 600UC Yes

Civic Hatchback [EU/EP] 02.01-12.05 600UC Yes
Jazz [GD] 03.02-12.08 530UC Yes
Jazz [GE/GG/GP] 10.08 > 650UC Yes

Cee'd [JD] 05.12 > 650UC Yes

2 [DE] 06.07 > 600UC Yes

Colt [CZ] 10.08 > 600UC Yes
Mirage [A0] 08.12 > 550UC Yes
Space Star [A0] 11.12 > 550UC Yes

Juke [F15] 07.10 > 575UC Yes
Micra [K13K] 07.10 > 530UC Yes
Note [E11; E11E] 01.05 > 600UC Yes
Pixo Hatchback [UA0] 03.09 > 550UC Yes

Alto [AMF] 12.08 > 550UC Yes
SX4 07.06 > 650UC Yes

Auris [E18] 10.12 > 650UC Yes
Yaris [P1] 01.99-08.06 530UC Yes
Yaris [P9] 08.05-07.11 600UC Yes

Color: Black
Verpakking: Blister enkel
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