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40471-1.jpg Fly swatter 3 pieces - 50 cm long
Not one, two, but three flies with one stone. Spread them throughout your home and fight pests. Three long fly swatters to remove flies, mosquitoes and other unwanted intruders. Number: 3. Colors: Green, red and blue. Length: 50 cm.
42433-1.jpg Kynast raamhor 130x150 cm
40206-1.jpg Electric Fly Swatter
This is perhaps the best known method of killing flies: the electric fly swatter. A fly swatter looks a bit like a tennis racket because the surface is flat and has many recesses. However, flies can react to the fly swatter by flying...
40470-1.jpg Mouse trap - 3 pieces
When the cat is at home, the mice dance on the table. That is now a thing of the past. With these mousetraps you can fight the nuisance of mice and other rodents in an efficient way. Specifications; - Number; 3 pieces. - Material; wood...
70700-1.jpg Roxasect Fruitvliegjes Vanger
70701-1.jpg Roxasect Mierenloktoren
71002-1.jpg Doctor Clean - Dr. Clean Fruit Flies Catcher -...
Easily and quickly catch fruit flies with the fruit fly catcher. Do you suffer from fruitflies in the house? As the name suggests, fruit flies love fruit, but most fruit lovers are not happy with the presence of those annoying flies....

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